Now that a great number of Oklahoman's pass SQ788, I ask that we also pay close attention to what the Dept of Health and our government does with it. Cannabis can be a much safer medicinal option for many people.

I ask each and every one of you to educate yourself on the benefits of medical marijuana and contact your representatives to let SQ788 be useful.  Up until three years ago, I was very uneducated as to the true benefits of medical marijuana. I have seen how it can help cancer patients with pain and appetite. I have seen how it can help with depression and anxiety. I have seen how it can stop a seizure in seconds. Do I think its for everyone? Of course not. Do I think its better and safer than the opioids that people are dying from every day? Of course I do. Growing up in the Bible belt has taught me to think marijuana is a bad drug but, if you educate yourself like I did, you will learn that its a safer alternative than lab created drugs that are killing people every day. 


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